One Earphone Louder than the Other Android – Audio Balance Android

One Earphone Louder than the Other Android

Have you been struggling to get the tone in your earphones right? Do you also feel that you have one earphone louder than the other? There is something you can do about that and it won’t even consume much of your time. The effortless thing you are about to do is Audio Balance in your Android phones.  

But before we do that you might want to check your earphones for any external damage. You may also check by exchanging the speakers. You should check by inserting your left ear speaker into the right ear and vice versa, just to verify that the problem is with the headphones and not your ears. Now that we have confirmed the issue is with your earphones, let’s go ahead with adjusting the voice quality in the left and right earbuds.

One Earphone Louder than the Other Android

Follow the steps below on your devices with Android 4.4 KitKat and newer operating systems to balance the audio coming to your headphone speakers.

Step 1: Open the Settings in your Android phone.

Step 2: Scroll through the settings and click on Accessibility.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Audio and On-Screen Text settings in the Accessibility screen.

Step 4: Check for the position of the slider in the Audio balance.

Step 5: Position the slider to the center of Left and Right.

 Earphone Setting

This will balance the noise coming out of your earphones so that you are able to listen to a decent volume from both the speakers.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 or later, you must try an app called Adapt Sound which promises to give you even more control over the audio output you receive from the headphones. The Adapt Sound is not supported by all music apps but surely works with a Samsung built-in music app or even with Google Play Music.

You can set up the Adapt Sound settings in your Samsung device in two simple steps. Firstly, you need to put on your headphones and find the Adapt Sound in your Sound settings. This will play a series of tones and beeps at various frequencies. For the second step, you are supposed to answer whether you were able to hear these sounds properly. The app will then adjust the tones and frequencies of certain audios that you may be troubled with and deliver a perfect tonal quality to your ears. With this additional feature in your pocket, you are sure to enjoy your music more as it gives you a personalized music experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How to adjust the left and right sound?

You can adjust the tones in your left and right speaker by balancing the voice quality of your earphones through your Android settings. You need to get the slider such that none of the speakers have louder noise and there is an equal amount of timbre from both the earbuds. 

2. Why is one side of my earphones louder than the other?

One side of the headphone is generally louder than the other because of the imbalance in the tonality of the left and right speakers. This could also be due to any external or internal damage to the earphones. It is advisable to check for any external damage before you set the Audio Balance in your Android device.

3. How to put sound more to the left ear?

You can reset the Audio Balance in your device to put more sound into one ear than the other. Follow the same steps as mentioned above, but make sure to position the slider towards the side from where you want more noise. If you want more audibility from the left ear, move the slider nearer to ‘Left’ and farther away from ‘Right’ in the ‘Audio and On-screen Text’ section. 

4. How do I make the sound come out of only one earphone?

For people with hearing impairments and those who listen through just one headphone, this feature can be an aid. All you have to do is enable the Mono Audio feature in your device. You can enable it in the ‘Sound balance’ section, under the Hearing header of your Accessibility screen. After enabling you can drag the slider all towards either the Left or Right which will bring out all the sound from only one speaker.

Final Word

These are some of the simplest solutions and steps you can follow to adjust your phone’s audio for better listening. Follow the steps mentioned above to rid you of your ‘ one earphone louder than the other’ issue in Android. Also, note that the headings and sections in your phone’s settings might not be the same as given here. You can still follow these steps as they provide a generic way to balance the audio in your Android phone.

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