How to Stop Apps Running in Background Android Programmatically? – Tips

How to Stop Apps Running in Background Android Programmatically

Most of us have smartphones running on Android. Android is user-friendly, easy-to-use, and an amazing operating system. It has truly changed the way we use our phones.

However, more often than not, a few issues tend to annoy us beyond our mind. One of these issues is multiple apps running continuously in the background. Why are they an issue, though? Because they drain the battery! 

So, why do apps keep running the background?

Coders actually program their apps in such a way that they run in the background even after closing them because they want them to serve their purposes. While this makes sense for our messaging apps and others that we use regularly, all apps don’t need to keep running. They take up more memory and battery power than they are worth. 

This is why we are going to help you learn how to stop the unneeded ads from Android programmatically.

Should you end all apps?

Yes, apps drain energy, and yes, they take away battery but does that mean that all apps running in the background should be killed? No.

We would like to express that there are some apps that should not be touched even if they are running round the clock. These are system apps. They run for a particular reason, unlike regular apps. If you stop any of these system apps, chances of your phone crashing or freezing are high. A few essential programs need to keep functioning in the background for the overall health of the phone. 

So, you shouldn’t end all the apps. While going through any of the processes/steps that we have mentioned below, you should be careful to choose only those apps that you have installed. If they are system apps, leave them alone. 

How to stop apps from running in the background Android?

1. Update your AndroidUpdate Your Android

Oreo, the latest Android version has an excellent feature called Background Execution. This particular feature will help you instantly stop apps and then restrict new apps from running unnecessarily. 

2. Do it manually

Do it manually

Go to Settings and enter the Developer Options. Here you will find Processes where all the running apps will be listed. You can kill whichever app you don’t need here. If there’s an app you aren’t familiar with, it is best to let it be because it may be an important function loading in the background. Always force stop apps that you don’t need but know. 

3. Use the Doze feature

Use the Doze feature

Based on the version of Android that you have, you can determine if you have the Doze feature. It came with the Marshmallow update.  You can use this app to optimize your battery and by freezing any app that you don’t want running in the background. This is an excellent feature that you can definitely try. 

Things to keep in mind

  • Before trying anything, you should always ensure that your phone is updated. That’s the first step towards getting rid of most of your background app problems.
  • Never use the Task Manager apps that promise to give you a seamless solution. They may work in the beginning, but soon enough, the apps will override them and start running again. In other words, they are a waste of time and resources. Having said that, not all apps are bad. You could go through reviews before trying one of them. Reviews always serve as a great platform to assess something before buying.

It is not difficult to stop apps from running in the background programmatically. The steps are simple and straight. Choose whatever suits you the best and stop those needless apps now without harming the system apps. All the best!

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