How To Lock YouTube Screen – Simple Steps To Child Lock YouTube Screen

How To Lock YouTube Screen

YouTube has become a part of our lives. For most of us, not a day goes by when we don’t turn to this amazing platform for some entertainment, learning, or just regular viewing. What started many years ago as a casual video platform is now a part of a revolution and a source of income for hundreds of thousands of users. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has brought the world closer.

Now, when you are using it, do you ever feel like just hearing the audio but the moment you lock your phone/tablet, the video also stops? Annoying, isn’t it? Also, if you are watching with kids and they keep meddling with the touchscreen, the video is bound to stop. That’s quite frustrating as well. 

To experience hassle-free viewing, we are sure you wish that you could lock the screen so that there’s no interference throughout. Well, well, well. It’s possible!

How to Lock YouTube Screen?

YouTube Kids

If you are using YouTube Kids, you don’t have to sweat it at all. Google offers an option within YouTube Kids to lock the screen. Their clean user interface has quite a few child-friendly features including a child lock. These are the features you should look at.

  • In the bottom corner, you will see a Lock icon.
  • Tap on this icon and enter your passcode. If you have not saved a custom passcode, you might have to solve a multiplication problem or enter a CAPTCHA.
  • Go to Settings and make changes as per your requirements. 
  • The Settings will include options for supervising what your child watches, locking the screen, setting a timer, etc.


Unfortunately, locking the screen is not as straightforward on YouTube. There are no in-built features that facilitate this, which is why you should choose a third-party application. We found a good one for you!

It’s called the Touch Lock App. There’s another one called the Touch Blocker App too. They are both similar in function and are easy to install. Once you successfully install one of these apps, you just need to enable it with one tap and disable it after you are done watching the video.


YouTube is a mega platform with so much amazing content that we often find it hard to peel away and do other things. Being able to lock the screen while watching a video will definitely be an improvement and enhance our viewing experience. We hope this article has helped you find a solution. Have fun!

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