How to Flip Selfies on Android: Solution for all Android Phones

flip selfies on android

The most annoying part while viewing pictures in the gallery is coming across a selfie that is flipped. We, the millennials, are selfie lovers! But our android phones sometimes give us a hard time by flipping the selfie. We click a selfie and expect it to look like it appears while we are clicking it. Sadly, that doesn’t happen. Everything that seems to be your right while taking the picture is saved as on your left in the gallery. These images are also called “mirrored images.” Apart from changing the left and right orientation, it can also change the background behind you, which makes it even worse.

The images are saved as flipped ones and you are left with no photos to post or look at. If it has happened with you too, then don’t worry. This article on how to flip android images will help you to avoid such flipped selfies. There are mainly two ways by which you can stop getting such flipped images. 

How to Flip Selfies on Android?

1.Change the settings of your Camera in the phone

Many people are not aware of this but there is a setting that you need to change to get images in the right orientation. A selfie is often saved as a “mirrored” image. The image is similar to that of you standing in front of the mirror or someone else seeing you. This happens due to the settings of the Camera. All high-end android phones such as Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S10, OnePlus seven and much more have this option of saving a selfie as a mirrored image by default.

Follow this procedure to change the settings in the Camera:

  • Go to the Camera option on your phone. 
  • Select the option of settings and go through its menu. You are likely to come across the “Selfie” option opposite to which you will find the option of saving it in the preferred view. 

Selfi setting

  • Change the setting from the “mirrored image” to “picture as viewed.” 

Also, sometimes, there is just a mode you need to switch for changing the settings. Switch off the mirrored image setting and Voila it’s done. This is easy, isn’t it?

Tip: Even after making a change in the setting, the image might be previewed as a mirrored or flipped image. But do not worry, the image is only flipped in the preview but is saved as an unflipped one in the gallery. For making sure that the image is saved correctly, go to the gallery and check the pictures.

2.Download apps to unflip the images

In case you can’t find the option for changing the settings on your phone, you can also download apps to unflip the images. However, it should be noted that the app will only flip the saved or captured images. For rotating the photos, you can download apps like Snapseed and Flip image.

For rotating your images, first, go to Playstore and download one of these apps. Once the app is downloaded, select a selfie, and click on the option of tools. The options are given on the bar in the app. Choose the option of “rotate” on it. Start rotating the image, and once the image is unflipped save the image. Many other apps are specifically meant for this purpose, install them and unflip your mirrored selfies like a pro.

I hope this article helps you to get your selfie on point so that you no longer face this issue of flipped selfies. Make sure to check the settings before changing it because not all phones have the default setting of saving mirrored images.  

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