How to Enable USB Debugging on Android with Black Screen?: Solved it

how to enable usb debugging on android with black screen

As if dealing with a broken screen wasn’t hard enough!

Our smartphones are our biggest assets, aren’t they? We can’t imagine going through the day without them. But, what happens when the screen shatters and it goes black? What happens when we can’t use the screen to retrieve our files and other important data? Things get harder.

How to Enable USB Debugging on Android with Black Screen?

Thankfully, our wonderful world of technology provides us with different solutions to this problem. Even if your screen is black, blank, or unusable, you can get all the files you want with alternative methods. Let’s learn about the two most reliable ones:

How to enable USB debugging with black screen using software

The method we are going to explain in this step works only on Samsung phones right now. If you have any other phone, you can skip this step and go straight to the second option.

  • Download Android Data Recovery software on your Windows PC. (Yes, you need a Windows PC. It may not work on iOS.)
  • Connect your phone to your computer.

your phone to your computer

  • Launch the software program and choose Android Data Extraction. You can select which data (messages, call history, documents, videos, etc.) you want to retrieve.
  • It will ask you what type of problem you are dealing with. You can either choose All Black Screen or Touch Screen Not Working.

Android Data Extraction

  • After this, enter the download mode on your phone by switching off the device and then pressing & holding the volume up, power, and home buttons together. Now, press only the volume up button and the download mode will begin.

volume up

  • Let the software do its magic now.

How to enable USB debugging on Android with black screen using ADB commands

If you know your device well, you will know about the SDK, which is an extremely powerful and helpful tool. It will help you enable USB debugging even if the screen stops working completely. This is because you don’t need to touch the screen in this process. However, we must warn you that you need good computer knowledge (codes, etc.) to implement this process successfully. Let’s go through it:


  • Now, since USB debugging is switched off on your Android, you will need to enter ClockworkMod recovery. You can do so by pressing & holding the home, power, and volume up buttons together.

ClockworkMod recovery

  • Once the recovery loads, you should run ADB by entering “adb devices” in the command prompts.

adb devices” in the command prompts

  • After this, you may use this: adb pull/data/media/clockworkmod/backup~/Desktop/Android-up
  • This should do the job for you.

If, as we mentioned earlier, you do not have advanced computer knowledge, we would suggest that you let experts take care of the problem.

You will note that both the methods that we explained have stipulations. This is because USB debugging on Android with black screen is quite a technical process because your screen is broken. If you do not have a Samsung phone and if you aren’t really sure about your computer knowledge, we recommend that you go to a service center for help. It isn’t worth it to risk things because then, your phone may die completely, leaving no chance of data recovery. Be wise and take the right road. All the best!

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