How to Delete All Gmail Emails at Once on Android? | Remove Bulk Emails

How to delete all Gmail emails at once on Android (1)

What is Gmail?

Gmail which is, one of the most popular web-based services for emails which is free and it allows users to exchange the emails with the help of the Internet. The main reason for being so popular than other email services is it’s Larger storage space. Gmail gives several gigabytes of storage which makes users feel free about the limitation of not getting emails due to the lower room. The user has not been worried about how he will manage all the emails in limited storage space.

Why should one delete unwanted or unnecessary emails?

However, having this type of larger storage space, sometimes, we get messed up finding particular mail from the bulk of Gmail emails. In Gmail, we can delete emails one by one which is very time-consuming. But one should must know about those tricks to delete those emails at a single time which is none of the use. We have several methods of doing this thing very quickly. These methods make our search comparatively smaller and specific to achieve the specified result. And the main advantage of using these techniques is to save a huge amount of time. Here are some ways to delete Gmail emails in bulk.

How to Delete Multiple Emails on Gmail App?

   Go to your web browser and open your Gmail account first :

  1. If the number of emails you want to delete is comparatively less than select the checkbox of emails you want to delete and delete them.
  1. If you want to delete emails from one particular contact, go to search box and search for that, after getting the result select the checkbox of emails you want to delete and delete the emails selected from the checkbox. And if you’re going to remove all the emails then use Select All option and with the help of Delete Icon delete all the emails.


  1.  One can make use of statuses like read, unread, and all non starred, unstarred, etc. Also. For this, select an arrow next to the main checkbox. Based on your criteria choose the option and select the delete icon to delete. The read and unread option will be eliminating the read and unread emails respectively. While starred option will remove the starred emails.

delete-gmail-email (12)

  1. The alternate way of deleting multiple emails that we have sent to one particular person or contact is done with the help of Sent option. After selecting the posted option, the list of sent items appear. After that select an arrow next to the main checkbox and by selecting the given criteria you can delete more than one sent emails at a single time.
  1. For better searching, we can also make use of the date in the form of YYYY/DD/MM format for particular searches. Not only that if we search for older_than:1y or older_than:1m we get the emails which fulfill these criterias.
  1. Using Label in the searchbox can also give the specific result as per the need of our choice. For an example label: read will provide you with the list of the mails that you have read already while at the same time label: unread will give you the list of unread emails. So you can quickly delete the mails.
  1. At the same time, we can delete all the emails in our Gmail box by selecting Select All option. This will remove every email in your Gmail box.
  1. For one who wants very particular search result can refine their search by using the combination of searching emails with date format and label.

Conclusion :

The techniques and shortcuts given above are beneficial for one to consume the time as well as doing work faster than before. As we can apply some filters which make the choice of our result so particular. However, one should be advised to take backup of the data.

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