How to Check Bluetooth Version on My Android Phone? – Follow Simple Steps

How to check Bluetooth version on my Android phone

Most of us are happy knowing that the Bluetooth on our phone is working fine. We don’t really think beyond it and more often than not, end up settling with less than average Bluetooth connectivity.

How to Check Bluetooth Version on My Android Phone?

Bluetooth, just like anything else, has versions. It is important that the smartphone or device you connect it with works on the same version. Why? For increased efficiency. Only when both devices are up to date can you expect better connection and faster transfer of data. The chance of interference also goes down. 

check Bluetooth version on my Android phone

The Bluetooth standard has gone through a few iterations since it was launched in 1994. To find out which version your Android phone currently has, you just have to follow a few simple steps. We shall discuss them here:

  1. Switch the Bluetooth ON on your device. (You can do this by going to Settings or directly from the Shortcuts.)
  2.  Go to the Phone Settings after switching the Bluetooth ON.
  3. You will see a tab named ALL. Tap it.
  4. Keep scrolling until you see the Bluetooth icon. It will be called Bluetooth Share.
  5. Tap App info here, and you will find out which version it is.

If you are unable to find out from these steps or if you would like an alternative to this, you can simply download an app that will give you all the information. Check the App Store for a reliable Bluetooth version checker. Download it and let it do all the work for you. This is easy and quick.

Editor’s note: Knowing the Bluetooth version on your Android phone will help you connect it to the right devices for better efficiency. However, there isn’t really a way to upgrade it like you would upgrade your phone’s software. Your phone will support a particular version of Bluetooth, and there’s nothing you can do to upgrade it or change it.

Be careful when you keep your Bluetooth ON. Take measures to avoid hacking. Enjoy technology! And, of course, stay informed!

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