Combine Two Audio Sources Into One Headphone – Find The Best Way

Combine Two Audio Sources Into One Headphone

Tech’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it? From radio to wireless earphones, we have come very far in terms of audio and quality. But, our demands keep growing! Listening to music privately with a pair of headphones is now old school. How about taking this a step further and trying to merge 2 audio sources instead?

The thought was outrageous a decade ago but not right now. There are ways to accomplish this with little to no effort. Let’s see how.

Combine Two Audio Sources Into One Headphone [The Solutions]

Listening to two audio streams at once can come handy if you are a multi-tasker. Maybe you want to play a game on your computer and listen to music at the same time. Maybe you like listening to podcasts while doing some other activity. In all these scenarios, the following methods will come handy.

Use A Mixer

The most common way to combine two audio sources into one headphone is to use a mixer. It is an inexpensive device that you can find easily. Make sure you purchase one with 2 stereo channels instead of one and you are set. Connect the 2 sources to this mixer and then the output port to the headphone. 

A mixer will also let you control the sound individually. That’s a great touch according to us.

Choose A Headphone With 2 Jacks

If you plan on buying new headphones anytime soon, you can directly upgrade to a pair that has 2 audio jacks. There are many such products on the market. We advise you to compare and choose based on your personal preferences. Never compromise on the audio quality, though!

Use A Splitter

Splitter cables work to split the connection into 2. You can connect the splitter cable to the headphones and to the desired audio sources. This is our least efficient option because you may not be able to individually control them. Maximum loudness is also a concern here.

People Also Ask

1.) Can You Combine 2 Audio Sources To 1 Headphone?

Yes, you can. A mixer is the best choice.

2.) Can I Separate Audio Between Speakers And Headset?

Yes, you can. You will need a splitter to do so. 

3.) Can You Split Audio?

Yes. Computers with Windows 10 have a built-in feature to enable this.


No what which method you use, you will be able to combine two audio sources very easily. Just make sure you buy a good mixer or adapter so that you don’t end up compromising on the quality of the sound output. Have fun mixing! All the best.

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