Ccleaner vs Clean Master: Which one is Best for Clean Up?

Ccleaner vs Clean master

As the use of handset appliance and internet have shown their exponential growth, people are seamlessly using their handset. Sometimes the mobile slows down due to insufficient memory or junk files through various ads etc. So to boost up your phone for better performance specific cleaning apps are required to clear the cache. Ccleaner and Clean master are generally used to clean the junk files in the system and manages the storage spaces. As you read this article, you will come to know which application you must install on your android device.


Piriform developed Ccleaner. It is generally used to clean unwanted junk files from the cache or RAM to speed up the system performance by monitoring the system. It is used to close down the application which takes more memory from CPU and RAM.

Free-Download-CCleanerFollowing are the lists of the features of Ccleaner:

1. Boosting the performance of the phone

  • Usually, due to lack of junk files system performances gets slow down and users find it very difficult to use the system. Ccleaner removes the junk files which accumulates in the system.
  • Ccleaner can delete application cache, browser history, clipboard content, old call logs and speed up battery performance.

2. Managing the storage space

  • Ccleaner can quickly remove the heavy application in the system and frees up the storage space.

3. Safer Browsing

  • It removes the unwanted cookies through various sites.

4. System Monitoring

  • It monitors the system and tells which application is taking more memory and informs about the battery performance.

5. Easy to use

  • Optimizing the application through a single click is easy.

System Requirements:

  • Install on OS having version 4.1 or higher.

Clean Master

Cheetah Mobile Company developed Clean Master. It is generally used to clean the junk files and boost the memory. It has the antivirus program which analyzes the system and application manager to improve the system performance.

unnamedFollowing are the lists of the features of Clean Master:

1. Memory Boost

  • It frees up the heavy application running on the RAM or cache and analyzes all application to boost up the memory for better system performance.

2. Junk Files

  • It removes the junk files which gets accumulated in the system due to various ads.

3. Antivirus

  • It is used to analyze the system, to detect malware and vulnerabilities. It is used to delete the sensitive data like call logs, browser history, SMS, Wifi security, etc.

4. App Manager

  • It identifies the apps on your device and deletes it if you are not using it anymore. It also eliminates the function of your application through its APK file.

5. Privacy

  • It is used to hide the photos, i.e., it encrypts the images to protect from others.

System Requirements:

  • Should have android version 4.4 or higher.


  • Very useful
  • Several cleaning tools
  • Practical widget
  • Clean and functional design
  • The interface is easy to use and has a modern design

Difference Between Ccleaner and Clean Master

CcleanerClean Master
It removes junk files, manages the storage spaces and monitors the system.It removes the junk files, manages the storage space, and provides privacy for data.
It contains function such as Junk files removal, Memory boost, Monitoring.It includes various functions: Memory boost, Junk files, Antivirus, App Manager.
It does not detect any malware and vulnerabilities.It analyzes the system, detects malware and vulnerabilities.
It does not provide privacy of data.It provides the privacy of data such as hiding photos from others and wifi security and many more.
It consumes less memory in the system.It consumes more memory than Ccleaner.


If the system has less memory, it is better to use Ccleaner because it removes the junk files and monitors the system. If the system has efficient or more memory space then better to use Clean master because it provides many tools such as junk files, antivirus, privacy, etc.

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