How To Lock YouTube Screen

How To Lock YouTube Screen – Simple Steps To Child Lock YouTube Screen

YouTube has become a part of our lives. For most of us, not a day goes by when we don’t turn to this amazing platform for some entertainment, learning, or just regular viewing. What started many years ago as a casual video platform is now a part of a revolution and a source of income for hundreds of thousands of users. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has brought the world closer.

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How to Reset a Polaroid Tablet - Simple Steps

How to Reset a Polaroid Tablet – Simple Steps

The polaroid tablet is an easily affordable alternative to the many high-end tablet computers on the market today.

It is a simple tablet with basic processing power that can handle sending emails, listening to music, taking pictures, and reading books. It cannot help you with anything beyond this. It also has expandable memory for storage and runs on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS. In simple words, the polaroid tablet was designed for the not very tech-savvy individuals who need to be online for social media and emails.

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How to enable 5 GHz Wi-Fi

How to enable 5GHz Wifi on Android – Experts have the answers!

Not many things are as frustrating as a failed Internet connection. Our lives depend on Wi-Fi today because our work almost always revolves around it. Also, our personal lives are all over social media! So, when we lose that connection, it is quite obvious that we will get cranky. It is also not enough to be connected. We need fast internet because a slow connection is just as bad as no connection. 

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