Borescope vs Endoscope: Difference You Should Know

Borescope vs Endoscope

When you need some light source in a real dark area where even your little finger cannot reach, a simple skinny flashlight just can’t help you to serve your purpose. You’ll need something like these two instruments – borescope and endoscope, which are well designed primarily to be held at varying angles to know about the issue. In this article, I will tell you the main difference between borescope and endoscope. Have a look!

What is Borescope?

A borescope is an optical device which can be used for visual inspection of inaccessible work areas. This device consists of a rigid or flexible tube, with an eyepiece on end. It is also surrounded by the optical fibres, which helps the user to illuminate the remote object inaccessible by other means. The objective lens and the eyepiece help to magnify the internal image by illuminating.

There are two types of borescopes available in the market. One is rigid, and the other one is flexible. An imaging or video device is set with the borescope. Where accessibility is destructive, time-consuming, or expensive, one should try borescope. When the same type of device with similar functionality use inside a human body, it is called Endoscope.

What is Endoscope?

An endoscope is a type of Borescope. The endoscope is an instrument which can insert itself into the body without any surgery to give a clear view, an image of the internal organs and other body parts. The device has a flexible tube with a light and an inspection camera attached to it. The person or the doctor, who examine you can see the track of internal organs on a color TV monitor.

The whole process is known as Endoscopy, and it can capture almost all the problems related to digestive system. Even the use of an endoscope can help to take a biopsy, which is the removal of tissues to get the better idea about the issue. For endoscopy, there are also some other specialised instruments and procedures available, depending on the target organ like arthroscopy for joints, cystoscopy for bladder, colonoscopy with the colon, etc. to visualise and diagnose the internal surgeries.

Difference Between Borescope and Endoscope

As now we know that the endoscope is a type of borescope and both have very similar functionality, most people believe that there is no difference between these two products. But, it is not entirely correct. Although the devices look identical with some matching features, they are different than each other.

  • Endoscopes’ outer diameter is thinner than the borescopes’ diameters.
  • The endoscope allows an effortless glide, while borescope varies to correspond with the running projects.
  • An endoscope is more flexible than the borescope because of its necessity of wiggle room. Both devices are available in flexible as well as rigid forms though.
  • If magnification is your primary purpose, then you should definitely go for some endoscope. Borescopes can also provide the same, but with the higher prices.
  • Endoscopes tend to have dimmer lights than the borescopes. Dimmer lights are more preferable to accommodate the internal structure of the human body.
  • There is a significant difference when there is a discussion about the direction of view. Borescope can reach up to 120 degrees, while the endoscope is limited to the 90 degrees only. It often has a built-in direction view, which you can adjust.
  • There are also some length differences which depends on customer’s choice. One can get both of these instruments in the same size, but people prefer small length endoscopes and all size of borescopes.

As borescope can be rigid as well as flexible, people prefer it more for their household works. A rigid borescope is inexpensive, easy to use, and also give higher quality images. On the other hand, flexible instrument lets you see inside. Blue flexible borescopes also offer the additional benefit of articulation – the ability to remotely control the tip of the device so that it bends in different directions to look around a cavity or issues.

The similarity of Borescope and Endoscope

The stuff stated above is some real difference of endoscope vs borescope. You will be pleased to know that you can always choose any of them, whether borescope or endoscope according to your choice, budget, and purpose of use, as both are trending nowadays and high in demand because of their extraordinary abilities of visual detection. They both are movable, adjustable, easy to use, and very helpful to reach through some cracks or inaccessible area. I hope this article will be beneficial to you. Visit again for such updates and STAY CURIOUS!

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