Best Replacement Battery for Galaxy S5: Top reviews of May 2019

Best Replacement Battery for Galaxy S5

One of the most critical components of a smartphone is the battery. Unfortunately, there is no way you can tell when the phone battery will die. This factor depends a lot on how much you use your phone. Sometimes when the phone is fully charged, after listening to a couple of songs, the phone shuts down. The malfunction is not detected by the phone which usually happens when the phone battery is dying. If you can relate to such problem, then you are a Samsung Galaxy s5 phone owner, who loves the phone and looking for replacement battery for Samsung Galaxy s5. So, here is the list of a new battery for galaxy s5 which are readily available online at very affordable rates:

Best Replacement Battery for Galaxy S5

1. PowerBear 2,800mAh Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

PowerBear 2,800mAh Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

Keep your smartphone going with the help of PowerBear best battery for Samsung galaxy s5. The company offers battery which is compatible to Samsung Galaxy S5, G900F, I9600, G900V (Verizon), G900T (T-Mobile), G900P (Sprint) and G900A (AT&T). The 2,800mAh battery will last long, so your phone doesn’t die while you are busy doing an important task.

Features of PowerBear Battery:

  • Certified Grade A+, 2,800mAh Lithium Ion PowerBear battery for Samsung phones.
  • Designed to give optimal connection to the smartphone this battery will last approximately 500 cycles.
  • Each product is tested and comes with the sign of quality assurance so you can use the battery without any fear of damaging phone.


2. SUNZOS 3200mAh Li-ion Replacement Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5SUNZOS 3200mAh Li-ion Replacement Battery for Samsung Galaxy S5

SUNZOS brings the best performing 3200mAh replacement battery for Samsung Galaxy S5, I9600, G900H, G900W8, AT&T G900A, Verizon G900V, US Cellular G900R4, Virgin Mobile, Sprint G900P, G900BVB, T-Mobile G900T and Boost Mobile Galaxy S5. The battery is designed to work up to 500 Charging Cycles in optimal condition. Readily available online, the of SUNZOS replacement battery for Samsung Galaxy s5 offers 36 months extended warranty with full refund or exchange within three years if the customers are unhappy with the product.

Features of SUNZOS Replacement Battery:

  • SUNZOS 3200mAh new battery for galaxy s5 is designed to perform optimally up to 500 charging cycles.
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy s5 and other smartphones.
  • It’s advisable to use original Samsung charger to avoid damaging the battery.
  • The battery life depends on the usage of the phone.
  • The customer is advised to use the phone under the temperature 0-45.
  • The SUNZOS battery is not compatible with NFC or Google Wallet.


3. Samsung Galaxy S5 OEM BatterySamsung Galaxy S5 OEM Battery

As this battery is originally from Samsung, there is no doubt that it will likely to work efficiently with your Samsung galaxy s5. With one year warranty, the 2800mAh Lithium-ion promises to perform better and work on long run compared to other batteries.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S5 OEM Battery:

  • An original battery from Samsung for Galaxy S5 smartphone.
  • The 2800mAH Lithium-ion will keep your device charged for all day long.
  • Use original charger to maintain the shelf life of the battery.


4. CyberTech Replacement Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S5 With Wall ChargerCyberTech Replacement Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S5 With Wall Charger

A must buy the product for Samsung galaxy s5 users who like to use their phones for the longest time. The CyberTech offers two 2800mAh batteries with a wall charger at a pocket-friendly price. Great to use and easy to carry around, the CyberTech phone accessory is a great buy for all phone lovers.

Features of CyberTech Replacement Batteries:

  • CyberTech new batteries for galaxy s5 are lightweight and easy to use especially with the help of wall charger.
  • The battery comes with an integrated microchip that stops from over charging which lengthens the shelf life.
  • The two 2800mAH high capacity batteries is what you need when you are always on the phone.


5. PowerBear 7800mAh Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery with Back Cover & Protective CasePowerBear 2,800mAh Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

PowerBear 7800mAh is an excellent battery replacement option for Samsung Galaxy S5 or models like Galaxy SV, G900F, G900M, G900A, G900I, G900T, G900W8, G900L, G900S, G900K. The package also includes a back cover and protective case for the phone so that you can get security with high power for the smartphone.

Features of PowerBear Battery:

  • The PoweBear batter works more and delivers 100 hours of additional charge compared to standard Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery.
  • Unique built-in IC controls the temperature as well as the input of your phone.
  • This 7,800mAh battery will work for the whole day even when you are using your phone to fullest.
  • The package comes with a black color protective cover for the phone that shields the device from any damage with fall.


6. YISHDA New Battery for Galaxy S5YISHDA New Battery for Galaxy S5

Looking for a better power source for your Samsung Galaxy S5, then YISHDA 6100mAH will be the best battery for Samsung Galaxy S5. This replacement battery will work better than regular battery so you can enjoy your smartphone for more extended hours. Durable, lightweight and great price all make YISHDA New Battery for Galaxy S5 apt choice for those who want to replace their weaker battery with something more powerful.

Features of YISHDA New Battery:

  • The YISHDA 6100mAH is an excellent battery replacement option for Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • Specially integrated microchip prevents the battery from overcharging if left on power for more extended hours.
  • Gives more power so you can enjoy entertainment on the phone for long hours.



When your android phone starts giving, you trouble there is a list of best replacement batteries for galaxy s5 that works better than the original battery. So, before you plan to dispose of your excellent functioning phone because of lack of power, then try replacing it with the new one. With our list of new batteries for galaxy s5, you will be able to give a new power boost to the old phone.

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