Best Magnetic Chargers for Android and iPhone With Lightning Cables

Best Magnetic Chargers for Android and iPhone

A mobile charge is one of the most common and essential things for the phone owners. Every mobile whether it is Android or iPhone needs a charger to work regularly. You may have used different models of iPhones and Android and also have tried various USB chargers to recharge their batteries.But have you heard or used magnetic chargers? Did you notice the working of the magnetic lightning cable? Well, here I will provide the brief info on magnetic chargers for Android and iPhone and also provide a filtered list of the best magnetic chargers available in the market to charge your device. So, let’s move ahead in the changing world.

What is a magnetic charger? How a magnetic charger for iPhone and Android works?

As stated in the name, such kind of charger uses the magnet to connect the cable to your mobile device. A magnetic charger features speed and power of a lightning connector. It will provide relief from the damage to the cord and at the same time give you comfort and ease of using a charger.

You will need to place the magnet on the charging port of your iPhone or Android. When you take the charging cable near to the magnet, it will attach automatically to it. After the battery is charged, you can quickly remove the cable, and the magnet will stay on your mobile device.

Micro USB Vs Type-C Vs Lightning Connectors

As all these are types of attachments, they do help for having a better connection between the charger and your Android or iPhone.

Micro USB connectors are smaller than the regular USB cable attachments, but the functionality of the former is same as the later.

Type-C connectors are specially designed for those people who do not want to take the pain of checking which side of the attachment is correct. You can directly plug-in the type-c connector on your mobile without checking the side, and it will stay connected to the device.

Lighting connectors are products that meant for the Apple models. If you have an iPhone or MacBook model, then you can use them.

Is it really needed to use the magnetic charger for Android or iPhone?

Use of a magnetic charger will surely make the phone charging task easy and convenient. You can use one hand to charge your mobile device with a magnetic charger and can enjoy your coffee with your other hand. Such benefit can be beneficial in some special cases like driving your car and at the same time putting your phone in charging. One more advantage is that such magnetic charger also comes with flip designed USB attachment to allow a comfortable and fast data transfer.

After going through all these useful and important info about the magnetic chargers, let’s have a look at the list of the most sought products in the market today.

Best Magnetic Chargers for Android and iPhone

1) Globallink LLC 3 in 1 MAGNITTO USB to Lightning + USB C + Micro Type-C Magnetic Charger Cable

Magnito CableThis MAGNITTO cable is a 3 in 1 magnetic micro USB cable charger from the Globallink. It comes with all the three types of attachments; Type-C, Micro USB, and Lightning cables. You can charge your phone as well as transfer the data between your multiple devices.

I liked

  • It has a shielding of aluminum foil and double nylon material for durable quality.
  • It works perfectly with iPhone 8, X, 7, 6, etc. and almost all the Android models.
  • The heat-resistant design of the connector prevents overheating issues even if you recharge your phone for hours.
  • Quickly charging functionality with overcharge protection feature makes it favorite among the users.
  • This universal magnetic charger comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty for a hassle-free purchase.
  • It is available in different colors and various choices for picking up the needed connectors only.

I didn’t like

  • After prolonged use, the magnet may get affected and become weak.
  • Though the cable length is 5ft, it may not be enough for some users.
  • Strong LED lights are good, but it may look disturbing, especially at the night times.


2) Geeks Garage 2 in 1 Magnetic Phone Charger for iPhone and Android

Geeks GarageFrom one of the oldest brands of magnetic chargers, Geeks Garage introduces this two in one adapter for quick phone charging and data transfer. It comes with two attachments; Micro USB for Android and adapter for iPhone models. The magnetic lightning cable will update you on the status of your phone’s charging.

I liked

  • High-quality metal plug gives this product a good look as well as durable design.
  • Only one USB cable for charging your iPhone and Androids with separate connectors makes it convenient to use.
  • The inbuilt power protection chip will automatically provide sufficient charging output according to your device power needs and will power off when it is fully charged.
  • It is a perfect choice for the person who frequently needs an excellent magnetic charging unit during the travel in the car.
  • This charger can fully charge your phone in less than two hours due to its fast charging functionality.
  • Rust and shockproof design of the connectors with lightning head and a unique yellow tool to remove them only add more selling points of this magnetic charger.

I didn’t like

  • The nylon braided cable has a length of the only 3.3ft which may look shorter for some situations.
  • There may be few instances where you have to recheck for the connectivity between the charger and your phone. Otherwise, it may end with your mobile without charging for a single minute.


3) Smart&Cool ® 2 in 1 Two-mode Super Magnetic Charging

Smart & coolThis nylon braided magnetic charging cable has two modes of charging; Lightning and Micro USB. The stronger magnet will help you recharge your iPhone mobile quickly and easily. This package includes two pairs of magnetic charging cables of 5 feet lengths.

I liked

  • This magnetic charger is not only perfect for the Android and iPhone models but also compatible with all the mobile devices that have Micro USB ports.
  • Recharging and data transfer both can be done just by flipping the connector. This feature saves efforts and time of the user, especially while traveling in a car.
  • It is available in different colors and various size options.
  • It comes in an aluminum metal case which helps to maintain the quality of the attachment.
  • The 5-foot long cord is enough for home or outdoor use.

I didn’t like

  • If you don’t take care of the metal debris and dusting around the charging unit, then it may end with a short circuit.
  • Tips are not made from metal, so if you hit them on the hard surface, then it may damage them.



So, here we have seen the information guide on magnetic chargers and the top three products available in the market today. All the tools mentioned here are best magnetic Android and iPhone chargers. Choose any of these lightning charging cables and have a worry-free charging functionality or data transfer across multiple mobile model types.

Which magnetic charger you will buy for your Android or iPhone mobile? Is there anything you want to ask or suggest regarding the article? Go to the comment section below and spread your words.

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