Battery Going Down While Charging [FIXED]

Battery Going Down While Charging

Mobile phones have changed the way we communicate. Not many of us even remember the rush we had when a landline phone rang and the discomfort we felt during long phone calls because of the heavy receiver.

Battery Going Down While Charging

Technology has taken tremendous steps in the past few decades and today, we live in a truly mobile world. We can carry our phones wherever we want. In fact, they are designed to work without a power outlet for a significant period of time. The only thing you should remember is to charge it sufficiently so that it doesn’t run out when are away from a charging station.

But, what happens when there’s a problem with the charging itself?

Why Does It Happen?

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Android and iPhone users alike have reported this problem several times. They have said that their battery is draining even though the phone is charging. 

The simplest explanation behind this is that you have overrun your phone with too many applications that are heavy and complex. Your phone is unable to handle that load and the amount of charge it is receiving is less than the amount it is losing. 

Another reason could be simply that your battery is in the process of discharging. Thus, despite the fact that it is on a charge, it will reach 0% battery and then switch off. 

Battery Going Down While Charging – Problem Fixed

Our experts have the solution to this problem and it is very easy.

Check your phone and close all the apps running in the background. Switch off the Internet for a while too. This will reduce the strain on your battery and enable it to charge. 

We advise you not to pin this as a defect from the company’s side because most modern phones are designed to withstand heavy loads. But sometimes, you may go overboard with it. This problem is more common in old phones and that’s not the manufacturer’s fault either. With time, the battery degrades and its efficiency goes down. This is why it is unable to handle too many heavy apps running simultaneously.

Thus, to avoid such problems, you should be mindful of the phone’s age and usage.


Smartphones have excellent efficiency and capabilities but sometimes, they may cause problems. That’s true for any machine and should not be counted against the manufacturer (unless it is truly a defect). Use your phone wisely and make sure you don’t overrun the applications. Everything will be fine!

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