Best Endoscope Borescope Inspection Camera for Android

Best Endoscope Borescope Inspection Camera for Android

Inspection cameras were created to fill the niche of taking amazing shots of hard to reach places. The main advantage of using an inspection camera is the convenience while shooting pictures and videos in inaccessible places! These cameras are also known as endoscope borescope cameras. They are a long snake camera for android which means you can only plug them into your phones and start shooting! These cameras have opened up many new possibilities for photography enthusiasts and anyone who is a little curious about what goes in the places that cannot usually be seen. Now you can discover the world like never before, right in your hands!

In this article, we have analyzed and selected the top picks of endoscope borescope cameras for you, so you can choose your favorite from our android endoscope reviews and get clicking!

Best Inspection Camera for Android

1) TUSAZU 2 MP HD WiFi USB Borescope Waterproof Inspection Camera

Wireless Endoscope, TUSAZU 2This is the newest model of inspection cameras by Tusazu, and it is one of the best android endoscope available on the market. With features like excellent image pixel, its stable wifi which can be downloaded as an app called Moqo view, 800mAH battery capacity, 33 meters transmission distance, 6 adjustable LED  lights and 2 megapixel CMOS sensors, this product makes for a great deal at a great price.

  • 720p HD camera that shoots in AVI and JPEG formats.
  • Bendable cable with a diameter of 0.33 inch that can be used to probe into confined places.
  • It also comes with a small mirror and magnet to help you retrieve things from unattainable spaces.
  • IP67 rating makes it waterproof, expanding its area of applications by a lot.
  • This endoscope camera can support up to 4 devices on its WiFi for device connection and other uses.


2) Depstech WiFi Borescope Inspection Snake Camera

Wireless Endoscope, Depstech WiFiThis model of inspection camera for android works perfectly with all the newer versions of Android and iOS. To view the photos and videos taken by the camera, it can connect itself to approximately 3-4 devices and show them via WiFi. This camera implements a unique Blue Light technology that allows you to view images more clearly, even in zero to low light conditions.

  • It has an 11.4 ft. cable with 8.5 mm camera thickness and 6 adjustable LED on the camera.
  • It is water resistant, so can be used even in wet environments.
  • Its 2 megapixel HD camera has a chip that works at 30fps, which is among the best specifications to obtain a smooth and clear image.
  • It works with both android and iOS, but for iOS, the video capturing feature is not available for versions below iOS 8.0.


3) GOODAN Updated 1200P HD Wireless Endoscope Borescope

Wireless inspection cameraThis android borescope camera is very popular among users looking for such inspection cameras since it can work with both android and iOS (Android v4.2+ and iOS 7+). When your phone is connected to the WiFi box instead of the WiFi local network, then the camera starts functioning. Its semi-rigid wire makes it easy to use for repairing something or finding something.

  • With a 33 ft. cable the camera goes to places deeper than what other devices can manage and its 8mm diameter camera with specifications of 2 megapixels 1200p HD allow you to take crisp and bright shots.
  • It is already IP67 certified waterproof, and it can be updated to IP68 once the external waterproof housing is attached.
  • With a rechargeable battery, you are also contributing to keeping the environment safe from toxic old batteries. It also makes the device a lot cheaper.
  • This camera can be used for car repairs, household repairs, pipe investigations, construction, and so many other diverse areas.


4) BEVA Borescope Inspection Camera

Wireless Endoscope, BEVA Wifi BorescopeInstead of using bulky adapters and long messy cables, this inspection camera for android can be controlled by an app on your smartphone itself! This “HTwifi” app can be downloaded by scanning the QR code from the manual. This camera has a view angle of 70 degrees and focal distance of 4-6 cm (which is perhaps one of the best for all products on the market). It also comes with a 5-30 meters transmission distance and a battery capacity of 750 mAH.

  • The wire is used super-durable and has an ultrasonic welding adjuster that gives its images better quality and clarity.
  • This camera also has a unique feature, ie, a turning wheel that can control the brightness of the 6 LED lights.
  • It is IP67 waterproof so underwater areas can also be explored.
  • It is also compatible with Windows/ Mac devices.


5) LEADNOVO IP67 Borescope Snake Inspection Camera

Wireless Endoscope For iPhone AndroidThis is one of the latest models of inspection camera for android by Leadnovo which is widely compatible with all devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It also supports USB connect to devices. Any android device with version 4.4+ and any iOS device with version 8.0+ can use this camera without any hassles. Leadnovo also offers a 2 year warranty on this product and lifetime free customer service. They also have the provision of return and refund if you are unsatisfied with their product.

  • It comes with a 5 meters long cable that is semi-rigid, letting you look into surfaces like curved pipes and other difficult areas.
  • This camera has 8 LED lights along with the camera, to help get more light on images.
  • This 2-megapixel camera is IP68 waterproof as well, so you can use it without any fear.
  • When fully charged this camera can work for 110 minutes if used continuously.


With this helpful guide, it becomes easy to recognize and purchase the tool that best suits your purpose. Inspection cameras are a great invention and should be utilized more and more. So which one will you be getting? Reply below!

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